this blog is silly. i hate and love it.

i've been wanting to get back to blogging...it's almost pitiful how up and down i am with this blog. but i think blogging is good for me to publicly think out loud about where i am, where i've come, and where i plan to go.

since the summer, i have:
taken 18 credits. interned at a law firm. got a new job. started dating a boy. created my own website. started a small group with high school girls. applied for graduation. applied for a million other things. have given a person of christ/sin/cross talk at YL club. it's been an exhausting semester. needless to say i am ready for thanksgiving break.

i am interested in:
actually joining a movement. (interning, tithing, volunteering?)
attend conferences. (TJC, SPC).
learning more about marketing and branding.
attend concerts (florence and the machine, mumford, explosions in the sky, ellie goulding).
travel (see annaliesa in england. abbie. interns).