so this is my first blog on blogspot. decided i didn't really like tumblr. or maybe it was just too hard to blog!

i do not have much to say....hm... how to walk this weary land is from a jj heller song called your hands. it depicts what i am experiencing in this season of my life. confusion, hurt, yet hope in the lord that he will be bigger than my human attempts to have my heart aligned to His.

i just bought Tim Keller's generous justice. i've heard about it and it so
happens i am passionate about justice. and that the book was half off.:) it is pretty good so far!

i am at the moment eating nik naks. they are equivalent to cheetos. but
african version. mmmm.

last night i went to NCF church. they had an event called "feel the beat" and it was possibly one of the most fascinating events i've ever attended. it was a christian rave/dance/celebration of Jesus' power and love. people were dancing and parents were throwing their kids into the air (it was hilarious to watch actually). i cannot wait to do that with my kids someday. just dance and worship with them. i felt so free to just worship and express my love for Christ without being judged. this church is just incredible. i never have felt judged there, and the people are beyond welcoming and loving. they are so on fire for the lord and really understand how crucial the gospel is and how transforming it is. being there really does remind me that our God is a living God and he is so worthy to be praised. last night i kept thinking, "i really hope heaven is like this." and god kept telling, it is going to be so much more. and that was maybe the first time i was truly and genuinely happy here in africa. i duno. i guess i fell a little more in love with jesus.
however, i have to say, i'm not sure if this event would pass in the states...this was a "wow. i really am in africa" moment. i think south africans are just so brave in their worship. even at walk in the light, the Zulu women and the South African christians i've met are so freeing and excited to celebrate such a passionate and real love.

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