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here's my remodeled blog! I've been planning to make a new one for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it until tonight. so this is my....third? attempt at blogging, but instead of having the pressure of it being profound, spiritual, or whatevs, I decided I wanted to keep a blog of ANYTHING I want to talk about!

Yep. that includes cute dresses I find online, books I am currently reading, my girls the Kardashians ;), other blogs I love, places/trips I've been on, my process of transferring colleges, and anything else.

my twitter name is whereisbex, and my original idea was to create a blog that focused on traveling...whether that meant unique experiences i've had abroad or interesting cities i've visited in the States. with thaaaaat, there will (hopefully) be a lot on traveling!

Speaking of places to travel to, this week my mom & sisters took a trip down to Stone Harbor, NJ for the night. Yep, i know what all my outofstater friends are thinking..... ewwww, new joisey??? jersey shore??? well to put a pie in your mouthtrap, Stone harbor is one of the nicer, MUCH nicer areas along the jersey coast... i mean, no, it is NOT the Pacific coast. far from any beach in California... BUT the town of SH really is gorgeous with adorable stores, pancake houses, and delicious ice cream shops. one word to describe this place?? lovely. :)

I leave for virginia in eight days and I'm already missing these three so much.... So what if I'm obsessed over my fam?! we're not perfect, bAaaaaa! by any means. we fight like no onez biz, but with fights comes a WHOLE lot more lovin. wouldn't trade these four for ANYTHING.


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