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Mornin! It's 9:00 AM and i've already had some delishlish french toast with PB & coffee.

Also, don't you love my title Featured? It's as if my blog's important enough for people to be dying to be featured! haha

I figured today's post can be short & to the point. Back in 2009, right after I graduated, I went to Peru with my sister (Nina), Lindsay, & our young life leader, Jess. We were given the opportunity to go down, try & help support the missionaries there, but more importantly, just observe how true followers of Christ live. it was BEYOND life changing. Not only was it my first time out of the country, but honestly...to this day, I don't know any other Christian organization that functions and serves the way Word Made Flesh does. ANNNYway, I'll probably write another whole blog on my experience in Peru...

but this is about Erick. We met Erick the first day we were in Peru. Not only is he in LOVE with God, but absolutely hilarious, too. He stayed up one night playing cards with us girls, told us his testimony (which gave so much glory to the lord), and told us he used to be "sooo re-bellious." We just loved Erick's company a ton. My favorite memory with him has to be when he made me, Nina, & Lindsay INDIVIDUALLY sing a worship song while he played guitar. SING?! ON MY OWN, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE? That's literally the worst scenario anyone could give to me. I'm NOT exaggerating, kidding, or whatever, I sound like dying cats being thrown around in a dryer. I actually have no idea what that sounds like but it looks funny. But he insisted and since he treated us with utmost respect, I couldn't say no. or maybe it was because Lindsay & Nina pressured me to. hahaha. well let's just say THAT'll never happen again.

OK, so. what my point is that I hope you can go onto Itunes here & buy his song for $1. It would mean the world to him, and also to the organization since he is so giving and is trying to not only support him & his wife, but the people he lives alongside with in his ministry. The song is instrumental and has a very zen, acoustic, alone-in-the-wild sound, but we all need some tranquility in our lives, right?

I figure even if I got one person to buy it, it would make all the difference. It's only $1 and I think it's time for me (and hopefully others) to start spending where it actually matters. even in the little ways. (OMG i should be a Christian motivational speaker, right?). Thanks so much.

some of the WMF Staff!

Him & his beautiful wife :]

PS I just started following my own blog by accident but I don't know how to undo it?! Help?

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