Fish on your Feet

Last summer I spent a month in the magnificent country of Cambodia. I know what you're thinking... South East Asia? are you SURE it's the place to be? and really...I think I loved it so much because I had NO idea what to expect. I definitely didn't expect a country filled with (a sinful amount of humidity), mostly tasty food (there's even a mexican restaurant!), the-most friendliest faces (i know every traveler says this--but this country exceeds south africa, spain, & peru!), DELICIOUS iced coffee, vibrant markets, and so on.

I went with my old school, Azusa Pacific, with 9 other friends to serve alongside YWAM. We taught English at their base but also in a village, served women who were rescued from sex trafficking, and spent tons of time absorbing everything Cambo has to offer. I was under incredible leadership, suppp Corinne & Steven, and God worked so much in my own heart. It was far from easy, but by far one of the best experiences I've EVER had.

For a period of time, maybe long term, I would love to go back and really live there. I am dying to go back and ride my bike around Siem Reap in the tropical thunderstorm on my way to Lucky Mall to the only air conditioned place and eat ice cream and watch the cashiers count out riel (Cambo currency) extremely fast.

Today I wanted to talk about the Dr. Fish Massage. Why? Because why not. and I doubt most of y'all have ever heard of it. And for anyone whose considering going to Cambo (come with me!) you'll want to make sure you check this out.

For leisure, our leaders wanted us to experience a dr. fish. Ok, first things first. It feels SOOOO weird! If you are ticklish--beware!! I mean, most people are, especially their feet, but do this anyway.

The point of it is---a thousand (hundreds? millions? i'm a horrible judge) fish swim in a pool. You drink a coke. You stick your feet in the pool. the fish SWIM so so fast and bite your dead skin off your feet! HAA. it's the most unusual feeling. Normally I wouldn't think to blog about something so random and not relevant to most, but a Dr. Fish is literally every three stores in Cambodia! Just preparing you guys, duh!

Brooke, Hols, Em, & Mike's reaction to the fish
Paige & I. sorry for the awkward expression. it's an awkward experience.

I mean, who wouldn't want their dead skin being bitten off, have cambodians hysterically laugh at the uncomfortable group of americans, all while sippin coke and listening to music?

Thoughts for all (my sister) my readers: would you ever get a Dr. Fish massage?

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