Keeping Up with the Koncepcions

I can't even hide it anymore. I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

and. I. love. it.

But I mean that's the great thing about summer, right? You can feel less guilty about catching up with junk reality TV. I think my sisters & I love KUWTK so much because we love watching the family dynamics (I mean, let's be real, anything to affirm me that there are families CRAZIER than mine is always refreshing). Especially the sisterhood. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing (I'll vote for the former), but I see a lot of me & my sisters in Khloe, Kim, and Kourt. What do I mean? Take a look...

I mean, I was going through old photos, and I couldn't believe I found our original cover for the book we were going to write! and weirdly, it looks similar to the K's novel. No but really, Sparkles comes from our band name growing up... (our hit---I'm Playing My Guitar....what ever happened to that song?) and funny enough, Nina & I were the singers and Christina was backup voice...which was ironic since it's only Christina who can actually sing now. But we could TOTALLY write a novel on how to fight over clothes, how to fight over the car (remember when I *quickly* stepped on the brake and water ice went flying in the passenger seat and Nina got so mad at me?), how to make fun of eachother's hairstyles (remember the one time Christina told Nina she had star-war inspired hair?)....but also how to pile into a bed and make eachother hysterically laugh, encourage Nina to sing at the top of her lungs until her head hurts for our entertainment, how to race to the bathroom after a long car ride, how to pile into a public bathroom (all three of us) and it gets realllll awkward when we walk out, and so forth.

After watching a few epsiodes of the K's, I couldn't help but relate some of their experiences to ours. Remember when Kim takes Kendall to NYC for modeling and becomes a complete show mom? Forces her to do runway modeling and meet with the agent? Yep. A few weeks ago Christina & I flew down to South Carolina so she could audition for American Idol. I was that sister. I called the taxi three times to make sure it was coming at 2:00 AM for us to camp out (and we did). I made sure we ate l ike rabbits so we wouldn't feel disgusting over fried food. I made sure we had plenty of water and Christina was practicing enough. HAH it was definitely an experience.

Or how about when Kim has a MAJOR freak out over her psoriasis, storms around her house, and tells her mom “you just don’t understand. Get Out!” yea. Sadly I can say all three of us have had those moments. Totes misunderstood. We’ve had those moments where my mom, and the other two say “Stop overreacting,” and ALL that does is get you more and more pissy.

My favorite has to be Khloe & Lamar’s wedding. (OMG so what if I cried). I mean, none of us are dating, but some day, I will be BEYOND honored to be Christina & Nina’s Maid of Honor, throw them a bangin’ bachelorette party, help them do their make up on their big day, and pray with them before meeting the man of their dreams down the aisle. Oh, and giving the speech at the reception…Kim & Kourt’s? No worries, I’ll be way more prepared than them. However, I did love when they said “when you marry one of us, it’s like marrying all of us.”

So to all the fellas out there, really, no worries—you won’t have to marry all three of us. But there definitely is an element of that in the Koncepcions. I absolutely pray we will raise our families in the same town, (NOT RIDLEY!), pick each other’s kids up from school, compete for the best Aunt award, and go on family vacations together.

Even though the K’s are so extremely glamorous, have little morality, talk to their parents like…, I still can’t hide the fact that I love the closeness of their family. Their ability to fight and love so quickly. Being a sister is the absolute joy of my life. Sure, I don’t have kids and maybe parenthood will be better (I’m sure it is). But being a sister is an honor that I absolutely love. I wake up in the mornings and either wanna immediately shout at my sister for wearing my shirt or run into bed and cuddle and talk.

But I don’t feel like the sisterhood just ends with me, Christina, & Nina. We also have a soontobe step-sister we are trying to welcome into the family, we each have two best friends who are family to us in so many ways… and so I feel extremely blessed to not only have Neen & Teenie, but so many more women influencing the Koncepcion’s lives and bringing sisterhood to a deep, rich meaning.

The K’s are crazy, loud, emotional. So are we. And I love it. TRULY would not change it for the world.

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